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Chef Jeff Brantley

Meet the Founder of Bramble

Columbus native Jeff Brantley started his hospitality and food service career at 16. After exploring cuisine across the Southeast and beyond, he has returned home to share his passion for food!

Before settling in GA, Jeff ran kitchens in Oxford, MS (home to his alma mater, Ole Miss), Chicago, IL (where he met his wife, Brooke), and Louisville, KY (where he owned Bramble, a food stall in Logan Street Mkt, KY's first public market). With refined techniques in brining and pickling, Chef Brantley now offers his delicious artisanal pickled goods and relishes. Whether you crave a spicy-hot Italian relish for a holiday cookout or seek to elevate a charcuterie board with unique, yummy additions, Bramble products are a perfect fit for any occasion!

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Pickled Green Tomatoes, Pickled Okra, Pickled Jalapenos, Chow Chow Mild Relish, Hot Italian Relish, Bread and Butter Pickles



We believe that food is the greatest vehicle for connection, community and camaraderie. Bramble's recipes are inspired by hometown flavors from around the country, but viewed through a Southern lens. Whether it's relish on hotdog, chow chow on your cornbread, or okra straight from the jar, Bramble is meant to elevate your meal and mind.




Each Bramble jar is a thoughtful mixture of our favorite ingredients. Our goal is to honor classic recipes, while looking at them through a larger, exciting lens. Everything we make is meant to enhance your meal. The flavors are specific, yet wide enough to work well with most dishes. Whether it’s an addition to your food or straight from the jar, Bramble is ready to deliver bold and delicious flavor.

Hot Italian Relish, Carrots, Red Bell Pepper, Jalapeno

Alex Young, AL

“The pickled okra had the perfect balance of flavors. Bramble's Pickled Okra is my go to for a pop of zest in a charcuterie board or a great addition for lots of flavor to my homemade gumbo."

Morgan James, KY

“I recently discovered Bramble's Giardiniera, and I must say, it's a game-changer! This spicy pickled relish is bursting with flavor and has quickly become a staple in my pantry.”

Lisa Driver, GA

"One of my favorite ways to enjoy Bramble's Bread & Butter Pickles is alongside a juicy cheeseburger. These pickles pair perfectly with the overall taste of the burger and add a whole new level of deliciousness."
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